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Rules & Regulations

1. MEMBERSHIP A. Any person may become a member of the Fitness centre by paying the appropriate fee(s). Membership will be valid for one year (except special plans). All membership fees are payable in advance and all fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

2. GUESTS A. Members are allowed to bring in their guest to use the facilities and will be charged a guest rate of One day pass of Rs 200. Members will be responsible for their guests adhering to the rules and regulations of the Gym. It is advisable that the members do not leave Fitness premises before their guest(s). B. The Gym offers no credit facilities. All expenses and fees incurred must be settled before leaving the Gym

3. DRESS CODE AND HYGYIENE A. Appropriate Sports Gear and Footwear must be worn in the gymnasium. Members who do not have the correct footwear will not be allowed in the gym. As matter of courtesy, removal of the upper body wear is not permitted in the exercise areas. B. Change of clothing is only allowed in the locker / changing rooms

4. ETIQUETTE A. Members are kindly requested not to monopolise machines or equipments as a courtesy for other members B. Equipments used must be wiped after use. C. The Gym is a non smoking area D. Food and beverages may be consumed only in the designated area of the Gym E. Members are requested to respect the rights of the other users, and refrain from shouting and using foul language. F. Mobile phones must be switched off in the Gym area as a courtesy to other guests


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