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I-Motion has set up an innovative physical education program for kids aging from 5 to 10 years old. This program is focus around the development child rather than a traditional standard general framework. Through our physical rehabilitation program with adults and seniors we have observed the major physical issues that faces this segment of population, we studied the lifestyle habit of our modern society and setup a cursus for kids targeting correct techniques, postures, biomechanics, body awareness, team work, relaxation method, stability and breathing techniques. The content of the program is designed in order to prepare the kid for his personal physical challenges through time. We are giving him tools, techniques and knowledge to grow strong, understand his body and capabilities and prevent future physical injuries.


Find an assistance with our experienced exercise therapists for your musculoskeletal issues and injuries. We will assess your posture, physical imbalances and set up a program of workout to help you in your health and fitness objectives. We also have Hydrotherapy sessions that can be done for people with specific needs.